Lapo Elkann and Alessandro Del Piero together on a new project

Italia Independent presents a new model that's also style-conscious

One of the icons of the world soccer scene has chosen Italia Independent as a partner for an innovative project devoted to sports enthusiasts who are attentive not only to product performance but also to style.


"Model ADP10 enriches the range of products with the ADP logo. I've been thinking about an initiative of this kind for some time now and Italia Independent is the perfect partner for its implementation. Quality, attention to detail, innovation, imagination, passion: these are the principles that will guide me in this new adventure. And now that I come to think of it, it's the same on the field...", Alessandro Del Piero said.


"With this collaboration, a world-famous champion like Alessandro Del Piero justifies the research and development work carried out by Italia Independent. Thanks to the ADP10 project, Italia Independent's offer has been expanded to include the world of sport with eyewear that in addition to being an object of style also gives unique levels of performance" declared Italia Independent president and CEO Andrea Tessitore.


"One of the characteristics that have always distinguished Italia Independent is its reinterpretation of classical icons. This time we have decided to apply our know-how to the sports eyewear. Thanks to our development of technological innovations, this eyewear has innovative levels of performance that have never been introduced to this category. As well as being made in a material that makes it extremely light, wraparound, stable and strong, ADP10 also changes color when surface temperatures reach 30 degrees centigrade, which means that when it is worn, the eyewear is a different color at the contact points and in the sun. The eyewear is also fitted with our 24-hour I-Chromic lenses which can be worn throughout the day and also rest and relax the eyes", stated Giovanni Accongiagioco, founder and head of Italia Independent's eyewear division.


The eyewear is made in Grilamid TR 90LX for lightness, dimensional stability and mechanical strength. It is comfortable and fits perfectly thanks to the adjustable nose piece and end pieces. The ADP10 frame undergoes a heat-sensitive treatment introduced exclusively by Italia Independent worldwide.


ADP10 also uses the I-Chromic technology patented by Italia Independent. I-Chromics are the first 24-hour lenses to be made with photochromic technology. Colored at the static stage, a treatment that guarantees color stability and maintenance over time, the lenses can be worn throughout the day. Initially, I-Chromic lenses have 15% coloration, increasing to 80% when they are exposed to sunlight. The lenses are antiglare so they have a relaxing effect on the eyes and the soft initial color relaxes the pupils.


As well as being involved in the design and development of ADP10, Italian Independent will also handle the production, distribution and development of a complete collection of sunglasses. ADP10 eyewear costs 167 euro and will be sold at Store Satù, 9 Via Gramsci, Turin, and from June at Italia Independent monobrand stores and major optical and fashion stores.