Italia Independent celebrates Juventus football team

The company dedicates a special edition to the 2013 Champions of Italy football team

Italia Independent commemorates the Juventus team's second consecutive national championship victory with a special edition. Just as happened for last year model, the 2013 edition of the "Tribute to Juventus" glasses aims to become a cult item for all Juventus supporters to remember this exciting victory.


There are two versions, both offered in the Club's colors, black and white. The main feature of the first one is a pattern that reproduces a pinstriped cloth, synonymous with classic style and traditional tailoring, while the second version is created in a stronger, more contemporary vein.


The Club's colors appear, in fact, in I-I's trademark camouflage pattern. Inside the temples, the customization of the product is completed with, on one side, the red, white and green badge with the words "Champions of Italy 2013", and on the other, the Club's logo and the phrase "Fino alla fine..." ("Right to the end....").


The glasses are available in the Juventus Stores and in the Club's online store, in single-brand stores and on Italia Independent's e-commerce platform, as well as in the best Italian opticians' shops.