Inottica gets new brands

Hello Kitty, Winx and Transformers are the new collections produced and distributed by Inottica

Over the past 10 years Inottica has demonstrated that it can perceive and interpret the changes in a constantly developing market by creating vision and sun eyewear collections that are highly popular with a demanding public because of fashionable and original models that are exciting as well as colorful. But above all it has also widened its reference target, not only in terms of age groups, but by diversifying its product offer. It was with this in mind that in 2008 Inottica announced the acquisition of three very important and internationally-renowned brands: Hello Kitty, Winx and Transformers.

Arguably the most famous cat in the world created in Japan in 1974 by the multinational Sanrio (the company that creates and commercializes characters), Hello Kitty is the unquestionable symbol of friendship, happiness and positivity. Loved by girls, teenagers and more mature women, the brand has become the indisputable icon of style, fashion, design and glamour. Although originally aimed at a target of little girls, the Hello Kitty logo now decorates any product you can think of that can be associated with a brand, so a collection of vision and sun eyewear was the obvious next step. Signed by Inottica, they are being developed and a preview will be presented in Paris, with sales starting January 2009.

The six Winx fairies, Bloom, Musa, Flora, Stella, Tecna and Aisha, are not just cartoon characters, in recent years they have become an international cult phenomenon. Created by Iginio Straffi, the founder of Rainbow, the Winx are positive, beautiful and vivacious, but that's not all. The vision and sun eyewear collections that Inottica is developing will be alluring and magical, almost as much as our favorite fairies' charms. These collections will also be available starting January 2009.

Lastly, Transformers. Created by Hasbro, they are the famous robots that transform into unusual shapes and originally they were the main characters in a series of cartoons, comics and a line of toys. Over the years, their huge worldwide success also led to the development of videogames, DVDs and movies, the latest of which was nominated for no fewer than 3 Oscars. The upcoming breathtaking collection of eyewear signed by Inottica will be presented by the sales force starting January 2009.

Thanks to the careful choice of licensed brands, continual research into technologies and innovative materials, and especially to the leading-edge design and exceptional safety of its products that are sold exclusively in selected opticians' stores, there is no doubt that Inottica can be described as the leader in Italy and the rest of Europe for the production and distribution of glasses for an extended target that now ranges from 0 to 15 years.