In Paris, a new Transformers sun collection

Following the success of the movie released in June, Inottica presents genuine technological gems 

In just 21 days from its official US release June 26, 2009, the movie – TRANSFORMERS 2  “The Revenge of the Fallen” made 750 million dollars, more than the first Transformers (which made a total of 708 million dollars).

TRANSFORMERS  “The Revenge of the Fallen’ had the highest box office sales ever, also in China, and even beat Titanic, the famous 1997 movie directed by James Cameron; its success is obvious given that in the first 5 days of its release on a Wednesday it even exceeded box office sales by Spiderman 2.

Inottica has always completely understood the importance of media phenomena and could not miss out on this superb licensed brand. At Silmo in Paris it will present its latest 2010 sun collection, with the Transformers signature – of course.

Innotica’s creative staff defines the new collection as being “in constant transformation”… in fact each model underwent a precise study to make them “Transformable”, just like the protagonists that inspired them.

Thanks to a meticulous technical study, the lenses of the original models in plastic can be substituted to transform the eyewear in three different ways; with just one pair of eyeglasses our young protagonists can choose from a classic, sporty or more aggressive look, depending on the lenses chosen; it’s a kind of game in which the shape of the lenses are reminiscent of the Transformers characters, the good mutants or the evil Decepticons.
The frames are white, blue or black but they can be fitted with lenses of different colors.

The metal models with generous, wraparound lines can be personalized by substituting the acetate insert on the temples with the color preferred. Each pair comes with 3 interchangeable inserts with a laser design.

The colors that characterize the 2010 Sun Collection can be described as “mechanical” as they are inspired by those of the famous robots: red, blue and gray.

The Transformers 2010 Sun Collection by Inottica aims at giving something more: eyewear is no longer simply an accessory, it is a real “technological gem”.

Sports eyewear for young consumers demands a very high standard of quality. Inottica has achieved this with its new 2010 Sun Collection characterized by research and the choice of excellent materials that are safe in all ways.