Gucci makes commitment to the environment

New compact, eco-friendly packaging

At less than a year since the launch of eyewear made from eco-sustainable material, Gucci and Safilo are pleased to renew their commitment to environmental accountability with new eco-friendly packaging.


As the first step in a coveted global program of eco-friendly initiatives oriented toward gradually reducing the company's impact on the environment, in 2010 Gucci launched packaging made from 100% recyclable paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which it will now be used also for the eyewear collections. The new case has a special shape that can be folded to minimize storage space, weight, and the number of loads delivered, which will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by 60%.


Appearing on the modern and refined new case is the Möbius symbol, recognized worldwide as the guarantee of product recyclability. When they buy the eyewear, customers will receive an information leaflet and a pre-addressed envelope for mailing the case to a specialized center where it will be recycled to make new articles. A shopper made from FSC-certified paper is also part of the eco-friendly packaging used by Gucci.


The new case for men's, women's and children's sunglasses will be available exclusively at Gucci boutiques worldwide starting May. The case for the vision and sun collections will be distributed to the entire network in August.