Graffiti do Brasil for Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Ltd Brasil Edition

A capsule collection starring New Wayfarer with a motif designed by Brazilian artist, Elvis Mourão

Ray-Ban, the leading brand in the eyewear sector, is celebrating the warm spirit, energy and passion of summer 2014 in Brazil, with a capsule collection starring one of its icons - New Wayfarer. Decorated with a motif designed by Brazilian artist Elvis Mourão, it is the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Ltd Brasil Edition.


A graffiti specialist, the artist is inspired by all real situations and blends them with his dreams and eclectic visions to create hypnotic tableaux, where eyes chase fish and dart after personalities surmounted by crowns and words like Peace and Hope.


The black and white technique is reminiscent of calçada, the typical Portuguese pavement that is also to be found in the marvelous, unending Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. A design student, Elvis Mourão comes from the city of Guarulhos, a suburb of San Paolo. He started drawing graffiti when he was 15 and has never stopped.


Illustrator and designer, he has decorated dumpsters, doors and urban furniture and has taken to the bleakest locations graphics that are, to say the least, surprising.


These complex multiform motifs also decorate the 4 models of the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Ltd Brasil Edition that can be bought on the Ray-Ban website only until August 31. Fish scales, beaks, hearts and Brazilian flags for a New Wayfarer that is as memorable as summer 2014.