Glassing presents UNICO, the “mirror eyewear”

The new product is backed up with new ads by Pasquale Diaferia

At the beginning of the year Glassing launched its new campaign, "It's not important what you see, but how you see it". Now it has a new series of advertisements, two new spots and a totally revolutionary product.


Presented in Paris, UNICO is the first "mirror eyewear", an innovative product concept that is the outcome of the collaboration that began last spring between the company and the Marangoni Institute of Milan. Coordinated by the renowned Taco Langius, the designers who created the first model with smoky lenses and a mirror-finish frame are young students of the fashion school founded in 1935. A machined hinge that eliminates all the metal components and 20 precise processing cycles, all carried out entirely in Italy, complete the project.


This innovative product is supported by a follow-up of the advertising campaign produced by Pasquale Diaferia's Special Team (art directors Michelangelo Collitorti and Davide Ferrario). Photographer Debora Barnaba took shots of Alissa Sourovova and Lukas Pelinka in a series of provocative situations in line with the concept of the previous international campaign: the first two ads were presented during the opening of Silmo in Paris and they are to appear soon in printed magazines and viralized on social networks: a close up of the Russian model with soda cans instead of rollers in her hair (Eleonora Papetti stylist, Roberto Mambretti makeup) and a provocative ad for golf magazines.


Following the series on MTV last spring, two new spots will be made by Bedeschi Film after the presentation in Paris. It is said that the spots will have a strong social impact supported by two famous personalities in culture and sport. Like UNICO, the stories and abilities of these personalities are also original.