Feb31st presents new collections

A wealth of new shapes, colors and combinations for the company's proposals in wood

The 2013 collection of eyewear in colored wood by FEB31st has a wealth of new shapes, new combinations, compositions and new colors.
Among the new shapes, it's impossible not notice the wraparound, sports design of sun models Parsec for men and Laplace for women, which demanded astounding craftsmanship and manufacturing skill.


The FEB31st colorful proposals make abundant use of trendy colors, since they want to speak a contemporary language while at the same time being elegant and transversal. The warmth of wood is combined with a huge series of colors that range from strong to pastel hues to bring out the beauty of the eyewear and the more personal side of the wearer.


The play of color, which is very obvious in the different layers of wood, is intensified in a part of the collection called Split Colors: the front and temples are finished in contrasting or matching colors, based on the many moods proposed by FEB31st. Color plays an even more important role, since it's the essential component of its language and expressiveness to be mixed, combined and worn.
The FEB31st eyewear collection in wood includes vision and sun models for men and women in addition to unisex versions.