FEB31st: highly wearable eyeglasses in colored wood

Models with a sought-after eclectic flavor, the perfect expression of contemporary refinement

"Let the importance lie in your look, not in the thing you look at": the simple, elegant words with which writer André Gide encapsulates the practice of really looking at what surrounds us, of getting to the heart of things, their essence, with eyes that are not distracted by the ephemeral, but see and recognize substance, the root of timeless values.
This is why the act of choosing eyeglasses for seeing the world is an intimate and personal one. Love, respect, the responsibility we all have for people and the environment are reflected also in small everyday actions, such as choosing FEB31st eyewear, the genuine expression of the best of Made in Italy.


FEB31st will be at Mido 2012 with a collection of sun and vision eyewear with frames made of wood, the noblest and oldest material. Frames that convey the charm and warmth of the material, but also reveal a lively flicker of color, a hint of modern chromatic choices.


The 2012 collection is the outcome of the creative flair of Valerio Cometti, one of the most interesting and versatile designers on the Italian scene today. The perfect expression of contemporary refinement, the unique models have a sought-after eclectic flavor where colored wood conveys a precise message in which ethics and aesthetics cohabit in harmony.


The wood used for the collection is of the highest quality and strictly FSC certified. Important research and development work has led to surprising results, such as the lightness of the frame (just 21 grams), perfect grip on the face, the creation of the best personalized details, and a patented innovative method for inserting graduated lenses in vision and sun models.
Last but not least, research into packaging design has enabled FEB31st to debut on the market with a totally "green" case made from FSC-certified recycled paper with an elegant wood insert that indicates the color of the eyewear it contains.