Fashion Style, animal soul for Borsalino Eyewear

Fifties-style but with high-definition printing technology

Everyone has at least one pair of sunglasses and some people even collect them. It feels good to change your style with a sporty, elegant, fashionable or any other kind of simple object. For enthusiasts, Borsalino Eyewear proposes a style that conjures up the Fifties, but with completely new, high-definition technology - the mini-pixel.


The injected frames are oversize and rounded. Black, Havana, pearly brown and shaded magenta are the classic colors, but there are also those with leopard spots to highlight the fashion addict's animal soul. The lure of distant lands, a trend that never dies, an untamed, but strictly elegant style. Borsalino Eyewear models with leopard spots (B156) come in white on black or brown on black for a distinctive look.


As always, Borsalino Eyewear's made-in-Italy design and style continues to evolve by introducing innovations to the collections that were presented at Mido 2012.


All Borsalino Eyewear sunglasses have shaded lenses with color filters for maximizing contrasts, protection and vision comfort. All in accordance with international quality standards.