Excellent Tom Rebl debut at Mido 2014

The brand entered the eyewear world with an original unisex collection that combines Italian craftsmanship with pure experimentation

Pride in the individual. TOM REBL, the iconic fashion house with roots in the underground scene, entered the world of eyewear with an original unisex collection that combines high-end Italian craftsmanship with pure experimentation.


Taking part in MIDO for the first time, TOM REBL also introduced its vision collection.


Developed and distributed by Italian company PREGIATA Eyewear and strictly handmade in Italy, the concept at the basis of the entire collection is the continued exploration of "black": the decision was to use only black bio-acetate and create a series of new surface effects with special attention to contrasts and details, thanks to special and exclusive manual crafting techniques.


A long way from the traditional dictates of fashion, TOM REBL interprets a pure blend of niche and fashion in his first appearance with PREGIATA on the optics market. The meticulous craftsmanship and extreme wearability that are unmistakable in every pair of TOM REBL Eyewear are perfectly mixed with avant-garde design solutions in a balance between the most authentic Italian production and pure experimentation.


Starting with its main inspiration of contamination in line with the designer's style that takes different cultures and unites them in incisive juxtapositions, the TOM REBL eyewear collection blends concepts and traditions: the result is a used-look, clean surfaces and industrial details combined with acetate crafted Japanese-style and a perfect fit. The emotional contrasts that are created are light/raw, new/old, vintage/avant-garde. Wood and leather textures, studs cut out of the acetate itself without appliques - something completely new in the eyewear world - are combined with iconic, ageless shapes that adapt to a large variety of faces for a final look of sophisticated appeal.