Esquise: the mirrored glasses are a must-have for the summer

An all-seeing lens that does not go unnoticed

The chance encounter between a designer and a company from Cadore, operating in the eyewear sector for two generations, brings to life, in 2009, the Esquise brand, a line of hand-crafted made in Italy eyewear that positions itself in the vast market scenario with some well-defined features: high quality, respect for tradition, handicraft and a strong focus on product customization.


Esquise stems from a simple idea: to sell 100% made in Italy designer glasses hand-crafted by the most experienced artisans in the Cadore areas.


The Esquise world revolves around people, their characteristics and personalities. This is also the origin of the name Esquise (Es qui es: you're here).


The mirrored sunglasses represent the summer trend that will be sported by all the celebrities (but not only) in the hottest and most highly sought-after tourist destinations


The way to go is brightly colored, inscrutable mirrored lenses that keep one's look away from prying eyes. This lens is incredibly striking, meaning that it does not go unnoticed. You can spy on anyone from behind your mirrored sunglasses, although this will work against the seduction games of eyeing each other up, which is the body and soul of summer flirting.


Since sunglasses are not just glamour accessories but are also needed to protect one's eyes from the sun, the mirrored lens sunglasses are an even better fit since they provide perfect eye protection.