Enni Marco new collection

Trands do not really matter much: what does matter is your unique style

Trends do not really matter much; what does matter is your unique style. The statement is the unspoken motto of the EM Studio's newest collection of Enni Marco eyewear frames whose creators were influenced by the idea that our individuality is unique to each individual human being.


As spring comes in and the changing natural scenery moves us to change, it is much too important for us not to lose our uniqueness. One should not try to hide behind plentiful colourful decorative items but choose things that will help introduce one's personality and highlight one's rich inner world. Most models in the spring collection of the famous Italian brand will be of help.


Geometry is an exact science. But geometrical theorems read differently in the world of fashion. This stylish frame designed for men is a good example. The main decoration of the model is metallic plates shaped as rectangles. The plates make up three dotted lines likes those that divide the road you use travelling through your lifetime, and you can take any of them being bound by no rules but acting as your whim only tells you.


A modern girl's life is full of events, each of them imposing specific dress code requirements. More often than not, a notebook, sports clothes and a little black dress have to fit into a lady's handbag. However, it is not always necessary to carry a whole wardrobe along with you to be able to change your clothing style. Sometimes only one accessory is needed, such as these Enni Marco glasses. Their elegant frame features delicate ornamentation and rhinestones that instantly transform a business suit into an evening costume.


This exquisite frame is designed for those women who are accustomed to have the best things there are. Its decoration – a rhombus ornate with unobtrusive, elegant rhinestones, looks like both a handbag clasp and a diamond earring. The combination of copper-yellow with a red-wood colour is a luxury union that provides a special status to one who made it one's choice.


A modern model that will make you look your best no matter which sex you belong to. A stylish young man or a girl, extravagant night-club goers, or film critics and fashion bloggers engaged in an intellectual conversation in a fashionable coffee shop are very much likely to be wearing these Enni Marco glasses. Those people who are tired of the mediocrity of big cities, who always have sunshine in their eyes, no matter what kind of weather it is, will want to wear them too.


This Enni Marco frame features a laconic and at the same time meaningful style. Their only decorative item is a thin metallic plate set on a pure black surface looking like a real precious metal ornament. It seems that the main purpose of the decorative metallic plate is to help the user, a man of style and significance, not to overlook even the slightest inaccuracy in his employees' performance.