Derapage innovation with MoleCube

A totally new hinge that is extremely simple but technically ahead of its time

Eyewear model MoleCube is innovation in the purest sense because it brings to the world of eyewear a totally new, patented and Made in Italy hinge that is as simple as it is technically ahead of its time.


The Derapage hinge, MoleCube, consists of 3 thin sheets held together by a square pin that completely disappears inside the temple, where the hinge is connected to the front by the very first snap mechanism of its kind.


Derapage MoleCube:


-uses a limited number of components which reduces the production stages to make frame manufacturing environment friendly;


-is just one square-section screw, a tiny cube/nut is inserted in and flush with the temple structure;


-the above supports the entire structure without any adjustment or unscrewing;


-uses thin sheets of steel which undergo either photochemical machining or laser cutting processes to create the Derapage's traditional streamlined style;


-a temple flex system makes it ultra-comfortable without the use of springs; it is combined with a stop-hinge effect for opening and closing the temples;


- extremely linear, understated and conceptually perfected design.


Derapage MoleCube eyewear is made entirely in metal with a single-sheet front in a metallic color or a one-piece front in two colors.