Colour-Rock, for anyone who likes to be noticed!

A "flash" for fantasy capsule with a glam-rock approach to the Police brand's iconic shapes

Inspired by its famous blue mirrored lenses that distinguished so many looks in the Eighties, Police, the De Rigo Group's top house brand, presents the Colour-Rock capsule collection, which comes in two models with a glam-rock approach to the iconic shapes of the eyewear.


The undisputable protagonist is the multi-mirror colored lens – available in new 'flash effect' nuances: red-orange, green, blue and gold. These lenses have been designed to give the new proposals an 'exuberant' touch and an original look that is sure to be noticed.


On the one side, a bigger and squarer shape, on the other, a teardrop eyewear in an all-metal 'pilot' style. They both encompass the Police DNA: the brand has always been recognized all over the world as a powerful icon, a symbol of freedom characterized by a daring, underground spirit.