Coco Song: the opulent luxuriousness of the heavenly kingdom

Shiny silk and rare plumage, the everlasting beauty of gemstones and the decorative effects in series in a symmetrical pattern

At Mido 2014 COCO SONG, the eyewear line of Area 98 with a sophisticated and unconventional style, brings to its collection the skill, colours and traditions of an ancestral and mysterious Far East.


The theme takes its inspiration from the ancient dynasties who for centuries governed the vast Far Eastern realms with a celebration of their legends, symbols and taste. The whole collection is in fact a homage to the lavish and refined opulence worthy only of an emperor.


One example of this is the Golden Phoenix model where the stylised depiction of the mythical animal, symbol of fortune and prosperity for many peoples of the magical East, is a silvery dominating presence on the two sides of the acetate frame front. The cat shape adds allure and mystery to the eyes while the temples, studded with feathers, are decorated according to techniques with a specific meaning.


Other elements of the Heavenly Kingdom are found in the collection: the knot button, as in the model Electric Lady, which also has small Swarovski details, the stylised dragon, the symbol par excellence of imperial power, used in a number of frames including the model Lucky Dragon, the snaking effects, a mark of prosperity and long life which decorate for example the models Looking Over and Take Back, or the symbol of good luck.


These oriental archetypes are mixed with other typical features of COCO-SONG eyewear: the elegant frame fronts which play with the contrast between acetate and decorative elements, the temples embellished with feathers or the dried leaves of rare plants, the small metal seals with gemstones such as turquoise and tiger's eye.


The skilful mix of contrasting elements, combined with a style of lavish elegance, is the distinguishing feature of COCO SONG which once again makes us dream of exotic worlds, far off in time and space.