Coco Song: silk, flowers and gemstones

Refined, graceful and precious materials for reinterpreting the charm of the Far East

Materials that are as refined as silk, as graceful as feathers and as precious as gemstones: COCO SONG reinterprets the charm and seductive mystery of the Far East in six exotically provocative and fascinating frames.


The top model in the collection is Black Blade: a numbered limited edition, a unique work created by the skillful hands of master artisans. Made from soft silk, they are enriched with colored fern appliques and have stylized small dragons in metal on the inside and outside of the temples: a symbol of serenity, health and strength that makes the eyewear almost like a jealously-guarded good luck charm.


The model Hell Bells also features a dragon, this time standing on delicate feathers; like birds ready to take flight, they add lightness to the elegant, square front. Turquoise, brown, green and black blend harmoniously in a color palette of new and more discreet combinations.


With their tiger's eye, jade, garnet and turquoise gemstones, these eyeglasses are jewels to be worn: small dried flowers are applied to For Last and a rainbow of nuances is created in different colored silks between the temples and front of Roll Dream.


Wake up will arouse a desire to visit unexplored places: dried leaves on the temples and brow are combined with an elaborate decoration in openwork metal on the temples and nosepiece in a succession of delicately refined colors that emphasize the veins of the leaves.


Lastly, First Love will be love at first sight tanks to the tiny flowers that adorn the sophisticated cat-eye shape of the front, details in contrasting nuances, and temples embellished with metal appliques reminiscent of the volutes of eastern palaces. Like all Coco Song models, it is a real masterpiece that conjures up timeless worlds and far off paradises.