Charmant-Z: the perpetual revolution of the vintage look

The perfect combination of leading-edge technology and innovative materials

Designed for adult consumers who spare no expense and want to express their individualism and personal style, the Charmant-Z sun and vision collections are the perfect combination of leading-edge technology and innovative materials. Symbolized by the last letter of the alphabet, Z, the brand conjures up the ultimate in perfection through continual evolution.


For the most exclusive opticians who want to optimize their range of products, the new models will become an integral part of their collections that will be distinguished not only by distinctive parallelogram-shaped details on the profile but also by the exclusive Excellence Titan-patented Links Function and other unique, leading-edge characteristics.
It is enough to try on one of the Charmant-Z models to realize just how exceptionally wearable they are.


The new collection

Sophisticated, lightweight and enriched with the outstanding comfort guaranteed by Charmant-Z, the collection includes four vision models.
The vintage models have been reinterpreted and revisited for evolution characterized by state-of-the-art materials and functions such as the Links Function by Excellence Titan, super Duralumin, carbon fiber, Z-titanium and TR-90 resin.


The brand combines its unique wearability with a passion for the latest fashion trends that favor plastic for vision models; with semi-rimless frames ranging from those with the special mono-block front to others with a professional look that's ideal for all the most sophisticated men.


ZT11779 BK (Excellence Titan / TR90) Excellence Titan collection
This new interpretation of the vintage style is lightweight and has a comfortable fit. The front features clean lines and ultra-light but strong TR-90. Utmost and enduring comfort is guaranteed by the Links Function by Excellence Titan, which enhances the exclusive profile of the parallelogram's three metal sections and clearly differentiates this model from other plastic frames on the market.


ZT11781 BK (Z-titanium/carbon fiber) +X Line
This new vision model with a mono-block front is light in weight and style. The combination of a sporty shape for the lens and the strong geometrical pattern of the profile's carbon fiber component symbolize the individualism of a self-assured man, the typical buyer of Charmant-Z models. The frame comes in a selection of totally masculine colors with a polished or semi-matte finish.