Charmant presents Titanium Perfection Collection

A blend of exemplary quality and classic design for men and women over 40 for whom money is no object

The company is proud to present our top collection, Charmant Titanium Perfection, made by the Charmant Group in January 2012. This line, a skilful blend of exemplary quality and classic design, targets professional men and women over 40 for whom money is no object and which totally interprets the philosophy of the Charmant brand and its promise of perfection.


Titan Excellence, a Charmant exclusive material for new-generation eyewear, is used in the most exclusive models to offer the comfort of unprecedented fit. Titanium guarantees functionality, durability, lightness and maximum comfort, whereas acetate gives the more modern models a contemporary look.


The Charmant Titanium Perfection January 2012 collection was inspired by contemporary industry and interior design: classic profiles with clean lines in acetate and titanium and bright, impactful colors for men and women.




CH11910 is a bold, exclusive model with a classic rectangular shape, one of the top trends in 2012. This frame is made in acetate – used generously in the fashion collections – and in Titan Excellence, a technologically superior material that improves comfort and functionality. This model comes in four colors for men: solid black, demi-brown and an exclusive electric blue.

An alternative is the nylor model CH11913 characterized by a metal frame in a smaller version of the same trendy rectangular shape, with comfort optimized for the front piece thanks to the use of Titan Excellence. This model reflects a professional look and comes in a range of new colors and metal or semi-matte finishes to suit all tastes.

CH10953 is a rimless, comfortable model with clean lines for men. A pressure-assembly system of the lightweight temples which is discreet and guarantees flexibility for anyone who appreciates subtle comfort. Fashionable and lightweight, thanks to the minimalist design of the front piece, the exclusive linear profile and colors are strictly masculine.




Feline, metropolitan femininity are the distinctive features of model CH10893. This frame in translucent acetate, the very latest trend that appeared on the runways, has a splendidly attractive finish and texture. The incisive double structure design follows the cat-eye trend of the 2012 season, but without being too flamboyant. Available in black or in a version with horizontal brown, red and purple shading.

For women of timeless elegance, model CH12061 in lightweight, flexible titanium is the perfect choice. A slim, feminine profile, exclusive temples and the sinuous lines of color accents enhance classic nuances of black, brown, lavender and red.




Engraving is a process by which aggressive chemicals are used to etch a pattern in the unprotected areas of a metal surface.

The Charmant Group is the first eyewear producer to apply this technique to titanium.