Charmant presents new Ad Lib frames

Fresh and big on personality, a trendy designer brand for young adults who want to keep up with fashion

Fresh and big on personality, this sensational eyewear collection features a line of irresistible frames in vibrant colors that are highly appealing to confident and distinctive young urbanites who enjoy the freedom to fully and creatively express their personality. Launched in 2010, Ad Lib frames are, as the brand name suggests, inspired by the Latin phrase "ad libitum", which encompasses the irresistible concept of a lifestyle characterized by freedom and spontaneity.


The design, colors and functionality of these Ad Lib frames reflect the wearer's adventurous spirit, urban lifestyle and artistic sensitivity. The leitmotif of the collection is modern style and comfort. Bright, decisive two-color combinations characterize the unique Ad Lib look in step with the latest trends in the fashion, sport and technological worlds. The masculine side of the frames is totally enhanced by shapes that seem to carve an identity that is all male. A comfortable fit is ensured by a skilful mix of lightweight and durable materials accentuated by an exclusive hinge system in beta-titanium that combines flexibility with comfort, an essential feature of these frames.


The brand's penchant for innovative design has been renewed by giving the latest Ad Lib collection both look and temperament. Clean, tapered shapes, like those of futuristic cars, and alternating straight lines and soft curves influence the shape of the temples to make them exclusive and unique. The design includes special geometrical shapes, such as the decisive rut made by tires or the sound- absorbing panels of recording studios, which inspire a feeling of dynamism and speed in some of the coolest models. Even more delicate colors maintain their sharpness and vivacity, enhanced by new luminous reflections in blue-neon, green and orange, while silvery lines on the temples emphasize the industrial design.