Charmant: new “Rondo” models are on their way

A delicate, light texture and the harmonious touch of a musical chord for the LineArt collection

The eagerly-awaited new acetate models in the Charmant LineArt collection are sure to captivate new customers because of the strong appeal of precious "accessories" characterized by functionality and refinement. The "Rondo" line is a delicate interaction of soft profiles and space that creates extraordinarily lightweight and exceedingly feminine frames for women who are stylish, intelligent and refined.
Thanks to the new Charmant LineArt line, the brand's exclusive retailers can boast that they are opticians of the highest caliber by offering not only designer products but also a collection with a contemporary flavor.


The collection
The subtle and refined "musical" play of texture, colors and shape is the distinctive characteristic of the fall collection. Acetate in fabulous textures and colors combined with the Rondo design are the features of two classical models of exquisitely feminine elegance.


The front, with an evergreen, universal shape or with a revisited vintage look, is a favorite with aficionados of acetate frames and it is perfect for progressive lenses. The slightly square shape of the delicate rings in Excellence Titan are a feature of the temples and the continuation of a unique and refined musical duet, a movement that gives a feeling of total comfort and lightness.


Today's mature women can choose from a variety of models ranging from rimless to semi-rimless, and all in the latest metallic colors.


Excellence Titan

The outcome of constant, in-depth research and development by the Charmant Group, Excellence Titan is the next generation of eyewear.

This exceptionally flexible material is easy to work into any shape, thus eliminating restrictions on creativity and offering excellent comfort. It is absolutely nickel-free and boasts special memory functions that help to maintain its shape. All the eyewear in the Group's collections guarantees extraordinary lightness, an extremely delicate touch and fashions that are absolutely modern. A genuinely exciting look for Charmant's new generation of eyewear.


The new visual

The new visual for Charmant's LineArt collection enhances the refined harmony between the lightness of the design of the Rondo temples and the enticing beauty of the frame's acetate texture. A feeling of floating in air combined with the soft, luminous nuances in the background convey the extreme comfort of this precious accessory.
The new visual will appear in different communication and marketing media, such as counter displays, Internet banners, etc.


XL2033 BL Rondo
A characteristic of this model is the updated vintage front in colored acetate, a style that is currently very popular with adult female customers. Just like the design of the other models in the collection, the temples have new profiles with precious, and luxurious details enhanced by small, square rings between the cloisonné work and a brilliant finish. The softly rounded and distinctive line of the rims makes them suitable for progressive lenses.