Budri Marble Eyewear is here

The first collection of marble eyewear

The Budri Marble Eyewear collection – a first icon-model called "Ego" and another four sun and vision models, two for men and two for women – brings to the world of eyewear the know-how of a company dedicated to working fine marbles and semiprecious stones and a symbol of the excellence of Italian products.


This real haute couture atelier of marble plays a leading role in the sector and interprets precious materials by bringing out their unexpected plasticity and translating it in a new and surprising language. Budri creations range from the world of architecture – where it created genuine works of art including the inlays of the extraordinary Abu Dhabi mosque and luxurious private residences - to working with renowned high fashion and jewelry brands, to furnishing accessories that for five years have carried the signature artistic direction of renowned architect and designer Patricia Urquiola.


Marble eyewear integrates perfectly in this very high level context and will be the ambassador for the values that have always characterized the Emilia-based company:


Craftsmanship - artisan skill plays an obvious and essential role in all the stages of processing. All actions are a constant pursuit of excellence, perfection and attention to the smallest details in the interpretation and restoration of the material's deepest essence.


Technology - thanks to technologically leading-edge systems and constant research and development, marble eyewear guarantees excellent performance with regard to lightness, fit and strength.?Made in Italy – all eyewear production is handled in Italy, a total guarantee of the quality that has always been a feature of the Budri brand to maintain the best of tradition through innovation in a refined blend of style, taste and culture.


Uniqueness - precious and uniquely beautiful sheets of marble are selected, cut and handled with extreme skill so that every model is exclusive and unrepeatable. Budri eyewear will become the exceptional interpreter of Italian culture.


Tailoring – the collection's extraordinary nature is also expressed by the possibility of choosing at the optical center the color and type of marble to be used for making the eyewear.


The official global launch of the first collection of Budri Marble Eyewear will be at Silmo in Paris from September 26 through 29. The exhibition space by Patricia Urquiola will be inspired by the vision she created for Rabbet, the furnishing accessories project produced by Budri in collaboration with the Spanish designer and launched at the last Furniture Show in Milan. An exceptional showcase that represents the master craftsmanship behind eyewear and inlays by Budri – the Italian Atelier of Artistic Inlays.