Blackfin: a revolution in color and lightness

The following are details of the new products recently presented by the brand

Look ahead and excel at all times because the arrival point is always a new start. The Blackfin collection envelops all the tradition of this brand and goes even further: slimmer profiles, lighter materials, a design that is always original and even deeper colors.


The new products presented recently include the ultra-new Blackfin Zero Edge vision frames, an acrobatic concentration of technology suspended on a front in ultrathin beta titanium sheet. Packed into just 4.1 grams is the best of Blackfin technology: the ATOM ZERO friction hinge, the patented SWORDFISH MINI end pieces – which allows the wearer to change the temple length in three simple steps thanks to the "pre-programmed breakage" system –, a minimalist design, the brand's excellent quality and a lightness that defies gravity.


Until today, such slimness could be achieved only with sheet steel, but now the revolutionary technique developed by Pramaor marks a turning point in the world of ultra-light eyewear: Blackfin Zero EDGE means minimal and ultra-slim design in beta titanium. In other words, extreme flexibility, anodized colors (impossible with steel) and frames that are up to 70% lighter than those in steel!


A common feature for these frames is the range of colors characterized by strong hues and fluo. Like BF698 "Coney" for men, with taut, sculpted lines emphasized by blue and red or by more classic brown, titanium gray or gunmetal. Blackfin's absolute dynamism also takes shape in model BF699 "Tory". Here again, the profiles are ultra-thin and light, but the lines soften and expand in a frame that expresses total femininity, even in anodized bright green, purple or night blue.


Standing out among traditional Blackfin models is BF696 "Daytona", which is characterized by a decisive brow line over large, rounded lenses. This vision frame in pure titanium with its daring, deep and contrasting colors between the front and temples also comes in two understated versions in brown and charcoal.


All Blackfin frames respect the principles of neomadinitaly, a term coined by Pramaor to sum up the philosophy at the basis of its daily business. Every pair of Blackfin eyeglasses is conceived and made totally at its facility in Italy. Its new production model is attentive to the product but also to those who make it, following an approach that is made up of passion, reliability, respect for and attention to workers and the working environment. It pays homage to the most profound Italian excellence and its representatives to let everyone know the real meaning of the word quality.