Bioeyes: a totally feminine look

New Glasant models by the Pramaor brand

Lightness, harmony and performance are the ingredients that best describe the original Bioeyes Glasant models that animated the 2012 edition of the French exhibition.


Pramaor, the Italian company that is the "quality leader" for crafting titanium, presented the premiere of three totally feminine frames for women who are demanding and do not want to relinquish style. The Glasant Bioeyes BE652 family has been enriched with three new models that are sophisticated and elegant, the perfect combination of technology and refined beauty.


Glasant Bioeyes models BE652/X12 and BE652/X13 feature an elegant front in polished titanium and original temples with refined shaping made even more important by a mirrored effect. Proposed in five painted and anodized colors, the new frames confirm the delicate minimalism of the Bioeyes brand given by their distinctive technical details. Both versions have the revolutionary ATOM III™ hinge and the new IDCS™ hook patented by Pramaor, with no signs of soldering thanks to the innovative UNIBLOCK™ technology.


The futuristic traits of Bioeyes' innovative technology blend with the allure of enchanting times gone by in Glasant Bioeyes model BE652/X2, the first eyewear with the new and exclusive ART DECO temples.
The model combines the brand's typical technical characteristics – the revolutionary ATOM III™ hinge, the new IDCS™ hook, and UNIBLOCK™ technology – with an evolution in style and creativity. Pramaor joins an elegant front in polished titanium to sophisticated temples featuring three different decorations on a 5-color painted base. A precise laser incision exposes and anodizes the titanium body of the temple to give the metal a special, precious color that makes the models even more exclusive.