Big design challenge for Feb31st with Isaac 48.000

Innovative, distinctive design combined with a precious, unusual material like kauri

With Isaac 48.000, FEB31st beat an important design challenge because it has been able to combine innovative, distinctive design with an unusual and precious material like kauri, a 48,000-year-old wood found deep underground in New Zealand and which is even more fascinating because of its extraordinary gold-colored grain.


Manufacturing skill and design, a noble material and considerable richness of expression came together to create unique eyewear. As well as Isaac 48.000, FEB31st also presented other important new products, the results of continual research and experimentation. FEB31st has always demonstrated major attention to the real quality of its eyewear, taking the care in manufacturing and engineering that accompanies construction to extraordinary levels.


This approach has allowed the FEB31st range of eyewear to take two more steps forward: the creation of rimless vision frames and the development of different calibers and bridges.
The rimless frames are the outcome of a desire to explore new territory, to go further and imagine a fascinating fusion of wood and titanium.


The range of calibers, unique in this sector, means that a variety of people can wear some of the most popular FEB31st frames that are now available in different sizes and are part of the Comfort Revolution collection.
Moreover, its obsessive pursuit of the best comfort also meant that FEB31st has introduced two different types of bridge: classic in solid wood and new with adjustable rubber nose pads, which are both available on all Total Wood frames.


Lastly, another small manufacturing gem cannot fail to be noticed: the wraparound, close-fitting design of sporty sunglasses like Thyco, which require exceptional manufacturing expertise and ability. Wraparound eyewear in wood has never been seen before!


Combining classic and contemporary, the color palette is based on the very latest fashion trends: the warmth of wood with a vast range of colors from soft to bold, to emphasize the beauty of the eyewear and the most personal side of the wearer.