Area 98 presents next season’s sassy collections

The distinctive characteristics of Kaos and La Matta are a retro touch and a kaleidoscope of colors

Colorful, sassy models define the new Kaos proposals created for a young and dynamic unisex target. Ten frames characterized by "fluo vintage" hues and generous, wraparound shapes that wink an eye at the latest trends but are also the pioneers of a style that is absolutely personal and innovative.


Traditional pantos come alive again with vibrant color combinations and square shapes that have abandoned austere allure in favor of daring, cheerful hues. Kaos eyewear presented the French public with an amusing collection that combines technique, sought-after creativity and quality.


The eclecticism and eccentricity of Kaos are reflected also in the more "adult" collection by La Matta that targets women of 30 to 50. The collection created for the French fair introduced eight new vision models featuring strong, contrasting colors combined with animal-inspired patterns like dappling, tiger stripes and leopard spots. Impactful acetates defined by HD printing technology make the eyewear aesthetically perfect and ideal for women who want and love to be daring.