A vintage style for today’s man

Borsalino Eyewear focuses on matte gray for the new collection

Borsalino Eyewear has given some thought to fashionable men who are aware of their charm and always try to stand out from the crowd. Sophisticated men with a bold and whimsical eye on the future, men who wear eyeglasses that are different.


This is why Borsalino Eyewear proposed model B181 at MIDO 2012. In a combination of materials and with a double brow line, it comes in 4 different colors, but matte gray is the absolute favorite. The special feature of this model is the logo, which is inside the temples, but with a staple effect on the outside. A point of light that is an embellishment without being excessively visible.


A unisex version (B182) of this model was also proposed with a rounder front.
These two styles were presented to Italy's leading opticians only a few months ago but they are already extremely successful. Perhaps it's also because anyone who tries it for the first time can't bear to be parted from this lightweight, comfortable eyewear.


Every frame comes with the iconic cylindrical case.