Out of Mido is back

The best of design eyewear goes on show at Fuorisalone

The intent is to shift the borders of the exhibition -- in terms of venue and time – in a bid to entice consumers directly and interact with the wider public to determine tastes and trends, proposals and styles. An opportunity to acquire greater exposure. Out of Mido, literally out of Mido, the No.1 international eyewear exhibition held in early March in Milan, has returned. Out of Mido is a veritable "fuorisalone (side event)" during Milan's furniture week, another major appointment for Made in Italy fans. The real highlight is eyewear, little, big masterpieces of craftsmanship and design, presented by a selection of manufacturers – who apply high design standards when creating – and who will be competing for the attention of the stimulating, lively, inquisitive and expert public at the Fuorisalone.


«We decided to repeat this event, knowing that design, research and testing are becoming more strategic for our sector », explained Cirillo Marcolin, President of Mido and Anfao. «Out of Mido is a necessary, incisive response to the eyewear company's need to specialize in order to satisfy an ever more demanding, discerning public ».


Mido exhibitors that are most focused on design, artisan creativity and manufacturing skills therefore have another showcase where they can make themselves known, in an all-new, fertile setting, interacting directly with motivated and trend-setting people.


«Out Of Mido is a way of talking directly to the public, an effective means of talking about creative eyewear that is not just for trade people. We want people who are looking for unique accessories to physically feel the eyewear, by giving them an opportunity to learn about the technical and style details of every model on display since producer companies will be at the event » commented Giovanni Vitaloni, Vice President of Mido.


Design experts, furnishing aficionados, but even people who are just looking around, will be able to physically feel the ability of eyewear companies to innovate, create and invent. In a synergetic, stimulating climate where companies can get ideas and grasp trends for future collections, and where the public can source all-new eyewear that is not mainstream, something that can surprise and be flaunted.


Given these renewed goals and with an approach that is increasingly more about "engaging" people, the choice fell on a new location for the second Out of Mido: Showroom 31 at Opificio 31 in Via Tortona, Milan, in the heart of the Fuorisalone. A location that will give Out Of Mido much more scope, with an atmosphere that is less exhibition-like and more engaging. And with a round-up of new glamour offerings that cannot fail to show, and be showpieces of, excellence.