Out of Mido? ArtFrameTotalArt is there!

Let's find out about the philosophy of a brand that is the result of a meeting between the art world and quality craftsmanship

The ArtFrameTotalArt brand is the result of a meeting between the art world and the high-quality craftsmanship typical of the best of Made in Italy products.
The artist who has associated his genius and artistic creations with the art of the most modern masters in the eyewear industry is a young sculptor from Milan, Francesco De Molfetta. The importance of such a remarkable artist like De Molfetta and the constant desire to explore new environments where imagination can be freely expressed, led to the identification of a privileged field of action in craftsmanship applied to the creation of eyewear.


This was how ArtFrameTotalArt was born: a new and original brand dedicated to the manufacture of eyewear which, unlike existing labels, has special and absolutely new characteristics. The core element of the ArtFrameTotalArt philosophy is the extreme personalization of the article with the aim of making it a real collector's piece. Anyone who chooses ArtFrameTotalArt will gift themselves a totally unique and exclusive object. There are two lines of models, each one featuring six models in sun and vision versions.
However, since ArtFrameTotalArt is an artisan product, new developments also include various types and materials, from celluloid (in black, light tortoise and dark tortoise) to anodized aluminum in a neutral hue or colored, with the possibility of adding personalized temples based on the characteristics and shape of the wearer's face.


Last, but not least, is the component linked to the world of contemporary art for anyone interested in joining the ArtFrameTotalArt universe.
The debut collection by ArtFrameTotalArt is marked by the exquisite combination with the extraordinary talent of Francesco De Molfetta. For the occasion, he has chosen eroticism as the subject and has made a selection of his masterpieces available for embellishing the product and making it a real collector's item, just like a work of art.
Even though he is only 34, De Molfetta has already had numerous personal and collective, national and international exhibitions, in addition to important reviews and the particular attention of the specialist press.


Anyone who chooses this new brand will join an exclusive group, the ArtFrameTotalArt Club, which identifies people who want high levels of craftsmanship combined with contemporary art, the unmistakable sign of an individual's personality and essence.
On the same level as eyewear, at once an indispensable object and the identification of a person's character, is footwear, the symbol of fetishism and another expression of the unique craftsmanship that Italy represents so well.


Once again, it was the craftsmanship-contemporary art binomial that inspired the idea for ArtFrameTotalArt Shoes. Like the eyewear, they are entirely handmade in Italy, experimenting with leading-edge techniques that have led to unusual and original products, with a modern and attractive design that still respects tradition and denotes a careful choice of materials.


Again, De Molfetta chose ArtFrameTotalArt and added his prestigious work to a section of the shoes (on the curve of the sole); it is not obviously perceptible, but visible to many. Here too, the preference was for an erotic element, that is suggested and never blatant.


The world of footwear also presented ArtFrameTotalArt with the occasion to finalize the entire brand communication. Absolutely innovative and ecological, it is based on prototypes and display items made totally from designers' cardboard.