JPLUS among the protagonists of Out of Mido

A look at the brand's collections at the event "outside" the fair

JPLUS was created in 2009 by Alessandro Martire, creative director, his partner in life Paola Toller, and Andrea Toller, commercial manager.
"Way-of-life" is the essence of the brand.
JPLUS is animated by a project philosophy that led to a "CROSS BRAND" through which thoughts and passion could flow.
Not bound to a single product but to a system, the brand conveys the desire to connect with eyewear's transversal and complementary sectors.
Fashion design, industry and visual arts are the creative line of JPLUS, which believes that contamination (cultural, artistic and social) is a product plus on the market.
JPLUS' principal target is the public and it looks for new ways to deliver pleasant experiences and playful humor.


The brand's collections at Out of Mido, in the heart of "Fuorisalone", are the following:


MUSIC COLLECTION, the innovative subject of the first JPLUS collection.

JPLUS was inspired by this great world to give its products traits that are a little bit rock, a little bit punk and a little bit pop. Inspiration came from the great and charismatic icons who changed our way of playing and listening to music.


Cinema is the seventh art and the subject chosen as the inspirational heart that lights up new JPLUS products. The brand considered versatile, altruistic and free personalities, the offbeat components of today's cinema.


After music and cinema, JPLUS wanted to celebrate the world of art. It began with the icons that have left their mark, who have made their vision comprehensible to everyone. Each in their own way, they have used a universal language to transform works of art into icons of style.


Contemporary, challenging and revolutionary. But it is also a message, an essential stage to avoid feeling like passive victims of today's hectic society.
As in the other collections, the models pay tribute to personalities, but get their name from the concepts that JPLUS considers useful for designing a pair of glasses.