Eyewear fascinates Pitti

Huge success for the first edition of POP EYE

The aim? To investigate the bond between eyewear and fashion in terms of quality, attention to design and stylistic research. But also to respond, on the one hand, to the requests of top buyers who want to expand the offer of products in stores and are increasingly attentive to the world of accessories and, on the other hand, to eyewear companies seeking important and stimulating synergies and fusion with the world of fashion. These prerequisites and the collaboration between Pitti Immagine and Mido, the most important international eyewear fair, led to Pop-Eye, a new and special area dedicated to eyewear on the first floor of the central pavilion at the Florentine event from June 17 through 20. The absolute star of this "event within an event" was the selection of 12 brands that are strongly oriented toward creativity and innovation.


Pitti Immagine Uomo 2014 winked an eye at the world of eyewear and even at its debut appearance this synergy proved to be successful: Pop-eye was enjoyed by the public and all sector operators, a confirmation of the increasingly decisive and fundamental role played by the eyewear accessory. At every new edition of Pitti the geography of the Show is remodeled, with focus on the products and styles that drive today's market. This year it laid bets on eyewear, which proved to be a new entry with impact to spare.


"A decidedly positive result", confirmed Mido president Cirillo Marcolin. "It was a success in terms of participation and appreciation of the event's quality. For us, the proof lay in the satisfaction expressed by the companies taking part; they met a varied public of sector operators that included fashion buyers and top editors. It was an honor to be involved in the fashion system, which has its most complete, innovative and market-oriented dimension in Florence. It is in this direction that we will continue to move" Marcolin concluded. "Pop-Eye is one of the actions that Mido has been promoting for some years now with the aim of accompanying exhibiting companies in contexts outside the fairs and to make new contacts in international media and with a more eclectic and transversal public. First there was the participation in the Milan "Fuorisalone" with Out of Mido and then came the debut at Pitti».


"The special Pop-Eye area was one of the top new developments at Pitti Uomo this year and had very positive feedback" – added Pitti Immagine CEO Raffaello Napoleone. "Having a special selection of designer eyewear brands as part of the show was great added value for our international buyers; it was a tangible opportunity for expanding their stores' offer in the light of an increasingly sophisticated lifestyle. Without a doubt, it was the first step toward the start of creative networking between the worlds of fashion and eyewear where dialog and sharing projects, capsule collections and new marketing strategies are increasing. We are very pleased about the synergy with Mido and believe that its development and growth will be very interesting".



The brands on display included Caroline Abram, David Marc, Dom Vetro, Established MMXII, Finlay, Les Pièces Unique, Masunaga, Matsuda Eyewear, Sunday Somewhere, Spektre, TYG Spectacles e VAVA.


Settings were by Alessandro Moradei, a well-known figure in the world of creativity and design who identifies perfectly with the concept of being transversal; through his work he approaches worlds and disciplines that seem to be very far apart, but actually blend to their mutual advantage.