Epos: the vintage style at Out of Mido

The Epic Wood collection at Nhow, the design hub of Out of Mido in Milan

Epos, in keeping with its name, resonant with echoes of epic poetry narrating the exploits of heroes, dedicates its eyewear collection to gods and heroes, staking on the vintage style as its trump card.


The lines of the hallmark Italian quality eyewear in acetate and cellulose flaunt a timeless flavor, while the frames in metal – the epitome of strength – are a tribute to the courage and valiant enterprise of the heroes. Harmonious shapes combined with austere natural colors take inspiration from the elegance of the last century, restyling it on a modern note.


Classic forms inherited from remote times are masterfully proposed anew, on the strength of the company's lengthy experience and its constant passion for the vintage style. An array of models in pantoscopic, round and perimetric shapes and butterfly and kitten styles to meet all tastes for both prescription glasses and sunglasses.


Among the ranges Epos is presenting this year is "Epic Wood", a collection of eyewear that looks kindly on nature. The new frames are made from acetate, brushed entirely by hand; the pliancy of this material means that the glasses can be processed with the greatest of ease, while looking and feeling exactly like real wood.