Deseye at the Fuorisalone of the Nhow in Via Tortona

The two brands of the Veneto company have opted for design, taking part in Out of Mido

Deseye has been operating in the optics market since 2000. Located in Montebelluna (TV), the company is structured on the model of a creative laboratory where the professional skills and inventive flair of a consolidated working team are hybridized. The philosophy pivots on the evocative power of color, on zest for life and the myriad diversities of the world. This is the message that Deseye transmits to everyday life, as they fervently declare in the company: "what we want to read in the faces of those who wear our glasses is that self-same curiosity, spontaneity and vitality that generated them." Deseye aims to enhance the role of eyewear as an opportunity for distinguishing and expressing oneself, while guaranteeing the utmost compliance with the standards and structural techniques essential for correct vision.


OKKI factory
OKKI factory is a collection of prescription glasses and sunglasses which has made and maintained its mark throughout the world for 10 years now as a shining example of research, craftsmanship and color.
The OKKI factory eyewear, designed by our team from the Joy & Creativity office of Reggio Emilia and entirely handcrafted in Italy, is distinguished by sophisticated design and by research into the bonding of different materials, such as cellulose acetates and fabrics selected in the Italian fashion district. The glasses are hallmarked by large, elegant shapes which, with the added power of color, allow the wearer to communicate all the force of his or her personality.
As a result of the design, the color, the passion and the zest for life that it transmits, OKKI factory is a product conceived for a customer who stands out from the crowd, who is genuinely unique and wants even the chosen eyewear to express taste, vitality and originality.


DESEYE Reading
This is the product range that made the name of the brand in the European market.
It is a carefree collection of hand-painted pre-assembled eyewear that has restored dignity to reading glasses through the exuberance of color and the uniqueness of its decorations, all strictly hand-made.
The series consists of twelve models comprising over one hundred and thirty different motifs. Stealing the limelight are the latest women's models flaunting the most marvelous graduated colors, fun polka dots and glittering reflections from the rhinestones. But that's not to say we've forgotten the men models, where our attention is expressed in the sobriety of the geometrical lines and the purity of color, alternating classical models with more spirited inventions.


Following the enormous success of Deseye Reading, and after having received a flurry of requests from the market for the hand-painted concept to be extended to sunglasses and prescription glasses, at Out of MIDO 2013, in a truly outstanding showcase, Deseye is presenting the brand-new Collection called DESEYE, designed and hand-painted in Italy.
It consists at present of a small range of prescription glasses and sunglasses and, as usual, expresses all its exuberance and dynamism through the strength of the color and the unrepeatable uniqueness of each individual hand-painted item. The motifs displayed illustrate an explosive creativity of constant exploration ranging from metropolitan and almost comic-inspired themes to gentler, more evocative moods.