A successful 10th GreenVision Convention in Cyprus

Numerous training courses and important talks for the 570 eye care professionals at the appointment May 19 through 26

"There are many optical companies in Italy... This is one of those I like" – stated Luxottica CEO Andrea Guerra during a talk at the X GreenVision Convention in Cyprus May 19 through 26.


His presence was one of the most important moments and a pleasant surprise for the 570 attendees of the 2014 Convention. Once again, this event proved to be a significant moment of the year for members who took part free of charge, as always.


The dedicated training program was also packed: 5 morning and afternoon courses on communication and marketing, trade, management and more specific profession-related courses. Over 1500 people took part in the training courses which were supported by internal staff, GreenVision members and such highly prominent consultants as Professor Giancarlo Montani, corporate consultant Professor Elmar Vareschi, social media expert Dr. Luca La Mesa, and Dr. Chiara Visentin, an expert on management programs for the optical sector.


The World Café was an innovative daily experience, an imposing moment when members could share and develop ideas. The invaluable and abundant material produced at these meetings will be the basis of future projects implemented by the Consortium. The day ended with a plenary meeting - 5 dedicated to partners and 2 to members.


In addition to Luxottica, the other GreenVision partners also guaranteed their presence: Zeiss, CooperVision, Thema and Bludata, the top management of which took part in in-depth and constructive meetings with members, especially for presenting new products, sharing innovative communication (digital, viral marketing, etc.) and management strategies - primarily through GV Focus 10 integrated with the Group's central system.


The words of esteem for the CEOs of the partners invited to the event were ample reward for the effort they put into organizing the Convention, which ended with a party to celebrate the pleasure of being together like a family.