A look at Mido 2012: Charmant

Alessandro Chitotti, General Manager: the exhibition is the most important moment of the season

Charmant's presence at Mido 2012 was the natural celebration of the company's 25th anniversary. A celebration that general manager Alessandro Chitotti described as "an important meeting point", so much so that the theme of the entire stand was "Japan meets Europe".


In an interview with MidoTV, Chitotti commented that the exhibition in Milan "is always the most important moment of the season", when important values are conveyed to the market: "we hope that it will continue tobe successful".



In the meantime, Charmant's general manager predicts "an excellent 2012 with significant growth for us" and a significant result with Trussardi. In 2012 "we are also encountering some small problems but I think this is normal", he concluded.


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