The first M.A. optometrists were certified last Monday

Some of the most highly renowned optometrists inaugurated the first examination session for admission to the M.A. Optometrists' Register

Some of the most highly reputed and renowned optometrists, operating in several areas - universities, optics schools, optical centres and the optometry profession - took the certification examinations (theoretical-practical tests), prior to being admitted to the M.A. Optometrists' Register, which were held under the control and direction of the AICQ-SICEV committee which guaranteed its impartiality and the correct application of the certification rules as well as their compliance with the discipline laid down by the Consortium.


The fact that twelve high-calibre professionals have captured the practical and symbolic value of the Register is of high relevance and significance.
The certification by a third entity, qualified and recognised at the national level and the establishment of the


Register finally give concreteness and solemnity to the Optometrist profession in Italy, after numerous failed attempts.