The Anfao Meeting reflects on sector growth and promotion

Among the subjects discussed: sector data, the Italian market in depth, relationships with institutions and other associations

The members of Anfao, the Italian Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers, met today at Belluno. Its President, Cirillo Marcolin, who was elected last year to the leadership of the entrepreneurs in the eyewear sector, did not conceal the economic and related problems the Association is having to cope with: "The sector, and small- and medium-sized enterprises in particular, are certainly suffering, even though a strong international vocation and the ability to compete on all the world's markets are the elements that have allowed us, and still allow us, to react to the situation in our country".


After discussing the analysis of the market data for the sector, Marcolin described what Anfao is doing to promote the growth of the sector: "If it is true that the propensity for exporting gives us more space and opportunities, it is also true that we should and must be able to invest and work harder and better also in our country", the President stated. "We have asked the institutions for this and will continue to do so at every opportunity, because their contribution in the light of the current economic situation is essential for such issues as internationalization, access to credit, growth, counterfeiting and de-bureaucratization."


With the aim of knowing more about the Italian market, Stefania Farneti of CRA presented a preview of the results of the research "Sunglasses, prescription glasses and contact lenses – 2012 edition", a picture of Italian consumers' behavior and reasons for buying from which very interesting data emerged.


In addition to the important subjects mentioned by Marcolin, the Meeting attendees also turned their attention to union issues, initiatives for promoting attention to eye health, the activities of EUROM 1, the sector's European Association of which Anfao is part, and Mido, the International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology exhibition, the first in the world to be dedicated to the sector, which is organized and managed by Anfao.