More detailed information about the elected leaders of ANFAO and MIDO

A brief overview of the new ANFAO Executive Committee and MIDO Board of Directors

We said that renewal, involvement and transparency are the key words at the basis of the new program prepared by reappointed President Cirillo Marcolin and new Vice president Giovanni Vitaloni.


The term renewal encompasses the concept of enhancing the good that has been done to date by the Association and by MIDO, but primarily it means bringing innovative ideas. This is precisely what we hope will happen with the entry of new ANFAO and MIDO leaders who represent companies that had not directly participated in association life, until now.




Helping Cirillo Marcolin and Giovanni Vitaloni in their work are the four reelected Vice presidents of the previous two-year term, whose expertise and experience of the sector will be at the service of ANFAO and MIDO. Maurizio Dessolis, Vice president of De Rigo Vision, a company that has made continual research, high standards of quality and operating and distribution efficiency its guidelines since 1978; Callisto Fedon, President of Fedon Giorgio e Figli S.p.A., the world leader for the manufacture and sale of eyewear cases and accessories for the optical sector in Italy and abroad; Paolo Pettazzoni, Managing Director of Optovista, one of the major Italian companies specializing in the creation, manufacture and sale of ophthalmic lenses; Renato Sopracolle, President of Occhialeria Sopracolle, a company that has achieved an important position in technology and contract manufacturing.



Elena Berton, Managing Director of Arlecchino, Carlo Costan Dorigon, Managing Director of Gatto Astucci, Antonio De Silvestro, Product Manager at Di Esse, Andrea Valmassoi  (Trevi Coliseum) and Gianni Vetrini, President of Barberini, who are now veterans of the Anfao Executive Committee, have been joined by the replacements for resigning members. New members are: Salvatore Galvano, on the MIDO Board of Directors during the previous two-year term and Managing Director of Lastes Group, a company whose varied brand portfolio, excellent distribution network, product quality and design have placed it in an enviable position on national and international markets. Maurizio Roman, Safilo Global Supply Chain, Logistics and Production Operations Officer, brings his experience in such major companies as Technogym, Ferretti Yachts and Piaggio Group, just to mention a few. Luca Talamona, Director of Nomec 92, a company that for over 50 years has been operating with leading-edge technologies for the construction of molds for frames and accessories for sunglasses, optical glasses and protective eyewear. Allison Chief Creative Officer Massimiliano Zegna Baruffa, a very important and well-known figure in the fashion industry who has worked with such companies as Michell Pty. Ltd., JJ & HB 1788 Cashmere Mills Ltd, Brooks Brothers, and many more.




For the next four years, the Mido Board of Directors will be composed of its President Cirillo Marcolin, Vice president Giovanni Vitaloni and five Directors. Joining Maurizio Dessolis and Callisto Fedon, whom we introduced before, are Giovanni Accongiagioco, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Italia Independent, the company founded by Accongiagioco, Lapo Elkann and Giovanni Tessitore that has been listed on the stock exchange just a few weeks ago; Cristiano Milone, Managing Director of Mirage, a company that for the past ten years has made quality, style and elegance its strong points; Elena Orsi Mazzucchelli, a real breath of fresh air for this Board, she represents Mazzucchelli 1849, a company that has always been at MIDO and is the world leader for the manufacture and distribution of the cellulose acetate traditionally used for producing eyewear.


It can be said that the MIDO Board of Directors has been renewed and represents the eyewear sector at national level. It also has a very precise aim: to reconfirm MIDO as the sector's exhibition appointment at world level.


With this in mind, we wish you all every success.