Increase in number of RealGlass members

Lema and Shamir Optical Industry have joined the main lens companies united under this brand

Created to promote the use of mineral glass for prescription and sun lenses, the RealGlass brand unites the main companies operating in the glass lens production chain: Barberini S.p.A., Barberini GmbH, Corning, Essilor, LTL, Polo, Rodenstock and Zeiss.


Two important new companies have now joined the list of RealGlass names: Lema and Shamir Optical Industry Ltd.
Lema was set up in Parma in 1970 and is the leading manufacturer of chemical tempering equipment for optical lens laboratories and the sunglasses industry. Chemical tempering is an indispensable treatment for making glass lenses safe and improving strength.


Shamir Optical Industry Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of molds and high quality progressive and monofocal lenses. Since it opened 40 years ago in 1972, Shamir has established itself throughout the world thanks to innovation, leading-edge technology and strict quality assurance procedures.
Shamir primarily produces progressive lenses, with two manufacturing facilities for molds and semi-finished lenses and nine laboratories throughout the world. The company is also the supplier of the innovative and original FreeForm technology software and hardware to laboratories all over the world.


A total of ten companies have now embraced the philosophy of the RealGlass project, the aim of which is to stimulate interest in and awareness of the value of mineral glass and its unparalleled quality.
Thanks first and foremost to recent technical innovations, the use of mineral glass is being increasingly requested by operators and consumers in search of a high quality, prestigious product that adds value to sunglasses and prescription glasses.