Eyewear: 64% growth in exports to new markets over next six years

United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Russia, Mexico and China are the top five for opportunities

The results of the fourth edition of "Esportare la dolce vita 2013" were presented today at Assolombarda, in Milan. The survey, promoted by Centro Studi Confindustria and Prometeia, with contributions from ANFAO, Assocalzaturifici, Federalimentare, FederlegnoArredo, Federorafi and Sistema Moda Italia, analyzed the positioning of mid-high end goods in key sectors for Made in Italy and the opportunities new markets offer to companies whose products are not only top quality, but also highly evocative.


The goods are described as "belli e ben fatti – BBF" (beautiful and well-made) in the apparel, food, furnishings, footwear, eyewear and gold-jewelry sectors, products that in the collective imagination represent «Italian style» in clothing, furnishings, cuisine and personal and home care items in general.


These are mid-high end goods that combine artisan know-how and industrial technology and are characterized by design, attention to detail, the quality of the materials and workmanship and constant innovation, all of which are vital for maintaining and increasing customers. It is certain that customers will increase enormously in new markets as a consequence of the rise in the number of people who can afford such goods thanks to a sufficiently high income.


Very briefly, this is the concept of "Esportare la dolce vita", which stems from the fact that Centro Studi Confindustria estimates that by 2018 these people will number almost 194 million, 161 million of whom will be in emerging countries. On the other hand, domestic demand will remain weak in developed countries due to the ongoing economic crisis.


Specifically, by 2018 newly rich people with an annual income of over $30,000 (at 2005 prices and with the same buying power) who can afford beautiful and well-made goods, will have increased by 194 million compared to 2012. Half of them will be living in major cities in China, India and Brazil. Furthermore, this wealthy class is also growing in countries that are closer to Italy, such as Russia and Turkey, where our country has a larger market share of the sale of BBF goods.


Among the sectors taken into consideration, eyewear is the one where Italy has the highest share for the importation of BBF goods in the thirty markets analyzed: 26.4% in 2011.
Worldwide purchases of BBF eyewear in these countries will reach 2.7 billion in 2018, over one billion more compared to 2012 (+67% in six years). Asia will absorb the highest share of imports and demand will be more dynamic (+80%). The top three importers (China, India and Brazil) will increase their imports by over € 100 million to almost 300 million. Assuming that the Italian share remains at 2011 levels, Italian exports to the new markets will rise to € 707 million by 2018 from 431 in 2012; Latin America will absorb the highest share of imports.


Confirming the vitality of the sector and the space for emerging new companies is Giovanni Accongiagioco, founder and managing director of Italia Independent, who represented Anfao at the last round table where entrepreneurs from the concerned sectors discussed strategies for accessing the new markets.