EUROM 1 Annual General Meeting last Monday in Berlin

Vittorio Tabacchi reappointed president for another year

Berlin, the creative and cosmopolitan capital of Germany, hosted the Annual General Meeting of EUROM 1, the European Federation of Optical Industries that unites the national manufacturers' associations of France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Switzerland and USA (TVC Association).


During the meeting, which was held this year in the offices of Spectaris (the German industry association for optical, medical and mechatronic technologies), Vittorio Tabacchi was reappointed president of EUROM 1 for another year.


The meeting enabled the representatives of each country's associations to briefly present sector data, which was followed by a discussion about technical committee activities in 2012/2013.


Significant and interesting were the talks by external speakers Gianni Cossar, Giampaolo Falconio and Till Herzog representing GFK, who described the current panorama of the European market, Greg Chavez of The Vision Council, who talked about US market scenarios and objectives in a video conference, Paul Folkesson of ECOO (European Council of Optometry and Optics) and Helmer Schweizer for EuromContact.


The meeting took an in-depth look at sector data and general issues. Moreover, regulatory and technical protection at European and international levels was also discussed in addition to the presentation of communication and preventative projects for the coming year.


Present at the Meeting were Antoni Olivella (AEO), Vittorio Tabacchi (ANFAO), Marco Tappainer (ANFAO), Francesco Gili (ANFAO), Bertrand De Limé (EUROM 1), Mark Nevin (FMO/ECOO), Jean Felix Biosse Duplan (GIFO), Jérome Colin (GIFO), Dominique Pinton (GIFO), Celine Wurtz (GIFO), Thomas Fischer (OPTICS), Peter Frankenstein (SPECTARIS), Tobias Weiler (SPECTARIS). Speakers: Paul Folkesson (ECOO), Helmer Schweizer (EUROMCONTACT), Gianni Cossar (GFK), Giampaolo Falconio (GFK) and Till Herzog (GFK).